I have always loved old postcards.  I especially love reading the messages written on the back.  One of my favorite categories of Postcards is French postcards, especially women.  My postcards are in boxes in my craft room.



I also love old photos.   I am drawn to babies and children.  Such sweet faces!  It doesn’t matter to me if they have bends or are not perfect because I feel it adds extra charm!


The craft room is still a disorganized mess.  I am trying to get it under control so I can get crafty with these beautiful images.  I have started getting rid of some of the older crafts that I have not worked on in quite some time.  We have a free page in my town so I am putting them on the site in hopes of the crafts finding a new home with someone who be creative with them.  I hope to have the craft room under control by the end of this year.  Hopefully, next year it will get redone with new paint and actually be organized for once!