When I decided to do a new web site I quickly realized that I would have to take new pictures for my items.  I decided to incorporate some of my angels in my garden in my photos.  I have angels on my deck and throughout my yard.  They bring me happiness when I am out looking at the flowers or weeding.  I now have to put most of them away for the winter.  It is sad to have to pack them away until Spring.  It is kind of like taking the Christmas tree down after the holidays.  I do have a few inside my home so I am not completely angel free.  I cannot wait to see the angel crew again next Spring!


I have always loved old postcards.  I especially love reading the messages written on the back.  One of my favorite categories of Postcards is French postcards, especially women.  My postcards are in boxes in my craft room.



I also love old photos.   I am drawn to babies and children.  Such sweet faces!  It doesn’t matter to me if they have bends or are not perfect because I feel it adds extra charm!


The craft room is still a disorganized mess.  I am trying to get it under control so I can get crafty with these beautiful images.  I have started getting rid of some of the older crafts that I have not worked on in quite some time.  We have a free page in my town so I am putting them on the site in hopes of the crafts finding a new home with someone who be creative with them.  I hope to have the craft room under control by the end of this year.  Hopefully, next year it will get redone with new paint and actually be organized for once!