Troubles Bubble Wand by At-Choo


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I am so proud to present these bubble wands by one of my favorite companies, At-Choo!.   This Bubble Wand is named Troubles.

Blow your troubles always away.” Let’s do it all together.  The saying around the wand is:  “Blow your Troubles Always Away”  The beauty is in the craftsmanship – you can tell that someone’s heart goes into crafting each piece!  This wand is approximately 5″ long.

Blow bubbles and transport yourself to your own world that eclipses the ordinary. These are a keepsake, something to have forever. Pewter dipped in silver (it’s actually a combo of tin, nickel and copper that creates the silver).

When you get a chance, please check out their website and read their story!

Every treasure that finds a home, helps a shelter dog to get medical care and safety thanks to the At-Choo Foundation.

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in