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I just love collecting Vintage Christmas cards, especially ones with dogs.  I have a large shoebox of  Scottie Christmas cards.


There is something about the little Scottie dog with the red backgrounds of Christmas cards that makes me happy!  I also have many with other breeds and mixed breed pups.   I have thinned out the collection by selling a few on Ebay.  These cards make great gift tags when scanned into the computer.


When I decided to do a new web site I quickly realized that I would have to take new pictures for my items.  I decided to incorporate some of my angels in my garden in my photos.  I have angels on my deck and throughout my yard.  They bring me happiness when I am out looking at the flowers or weeding.  I now have to put most of them away for the winter.  It is sad to have to pack them away until Spring.  It is kind of like taking the Christmas tree down after the holidays.  I do have a few inside my home so I am not completely angel free.  I cannot wait to see the angel crew again next Spring!


When my girls were young I always made their Halloween costumes.  It was such a magical time.  We would go over my parents house ( 6 blocks away from our house).  Some of the neighbors were there when I used to trick or treat.  I would then take the girl’s trick or treating around our neighborhood.

I now sit out on my step with my “other” girls and wait for the parade of little ones to come to our home.  The dogs love all the attention they get from the kids.  It was a beautiful day.  The weather was sunny and close to 70 degrees.   A perfect day for everyone.